Pendleton County Presentation

On Tuesday March 21st Dr. Brian Hackett, Dr. Bill Landon, Dr. Sharyn Jones, and undergraduate student Sage Boyers gave a presentation on the Parker Academy at the Pendleton County Public Library. Our team was hosted by Kelly Zumwalt, Adults’ Programming and Media Services librarian, and the Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society. We had a wonderful opportunity to share the Parker legacy following the exhibit featured at the library back in October-December (

Photo by Kelly Zumwalt

Dr. Landon opened the presentation with an overview of the academy: how the project began and when and why the academy first opened their doors. Adding to the discussion of the historical aspects of the project, Dr. Hackett shared many inspiring, chilling, and striking stories generated by the archival collection from the academy (which is temporarily housed at NKU). He explained the story of the Parker family and some of the work they were able to accomplish with their network of collaborators in the past. Dr. Jones provided updates on the process and scope of the archaeological work at the academy. She also discussed the importance of artifact collection, community engagement, and the significance of having students in the field. Ms. Boyers shared her experience working in the lab with the artifacts from the academy and the role of artifact analysis in overall project interpretation and explanation. Ms. Boyers is currently working on comparing data generated from the artifacts with the archival information.

Photo by Kelly Zumwalt

Although each presentation was unique and covered different aspects of the project, an emphasis on transdisciplinary research was evident as this project seamlessly conjoins history, public history, anthropology, and archaeology. Following the presentation the floor was opened to questions from the audience. The audience provided many thought-provoking questions and the team continued to learn from our interactions with the public.

Special thanks to the Pendleton County Public Library, Kelly Zumwalt, The Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society, and others who attended.

Photo by Kelly Zumwalt

Also thanks to the Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society for the lovely refreshments and beautiful display!

Photo by Kelly Zumwalt


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