New Exhibit at the Pendleton County Public Library!

The Pendleton County Public Library in Falmouth is displaying artifacts from Parker Academy now until mid-December! This very exciting exhibit created by Dr. Brian Hackett, Dr. William Landon, Dr. Sharyn Jones, Sage Boyers, and Peggy Brunache, features artifacts and photos from the site, as well as a collection of books organized by the library.


These artifacts show the daily life of students who attended the Parker Academy. These artifacts include ceramics, marbles, buttons, doll pieces, and more. There is a lot to learn about these items, not only what they are composed of, but also how they are used, what they symbolize and possibly where they originated from. This exhibit is a great way to learn not only about the items found, but how they relate to the students personally and their contribution to the resistance movement.

Book Display

The books, thoughtfully collected and organized by library staff, are for all ages and correlate to the themes of the project, such as the Underground Railroad, slavery, freedom and resistance. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Underground Railroad while learning and seeing evidence from the site.

Dr. Sharyn Jones setting up the exhibit

Thank you Pendleton County Public Library for this wonderful opportunity to share the Parker Academy project and incorporating literature for more insight on this time period. Visit for more information about the library and upcoming events. Also, check out our updates on Instagram:


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