Parker Academy at the 2016 Underground Railroad Conference!

(Left to Right) Dr. Peggy Brunache, Dr. William Landon, Sage Boyers, Jeremy Shea, Dr. Sharyn Jones, and Dr. Brian Hackett

On Saturday October 1st, Drs.’ Sharyn Jones, Brian Hackett, William Landon, Peggy Brunache and NKU students Jeremy Shea and Sage Boyers presented at the 2016 Underground Railroad conference hosted by the Ohio River National Freedom Corridor in Maysville, Kentucky. Presenting Mapping Historical Activism: The Parker Academy Project, each panelist shared experiences working on and off site. Dr. Landon opened the presentation discussing how the project started. Asking thought provoking questions and sharing the significance of the school, he set the stage for the panel. Dr. Hackett shared the evolvement of the Parker Academy while laying out the geographical site. He shared intriguing stories from the school and historical background on New Richmond, Ohio, which gave a wonderful visual image for the academy. Jeremy discussed his involvement with the archives and shovel tests conducted on site. He shared the archaeological map of the site and how units were gridded and excavated, while discussing possible future research objectives. Expanding on strategic excavation and public outreach, Dr. Jones discussed the archaeological side of the work being done at Parker, and the information discovered from artifacts and features found. Not only learning from the site and items found, she also learns from the students studying on site and how this can be used for future public outreach. Sage went over her work in the lab, cleaning and organizing the artifacts found, while creating the database and finding production date ranges for these items. Dr. Brunache tied all of these aspects and experiences together to demonstrate the impact and importance of this academy. She expanded the findings from the site to other findings from around the world, and the connections they may have had during this time period. Followed by a Q&A from the attendees, the lessons from Parker Academy carry on further as more become inspired and excited to learn more. There is a lot to be said about this incredible institution; not only about the students, school and history, but also what it means to be human.


Special thanks to the Ohio River National Freedom Corridor and affiliates, and Maysville Community & Technical College


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