Parker Academy Project is Currently Featured at New Richmond Library



The Clermont County library in New Richmond Ohio is featuring an exhibit from the Parker Academy! On September 20th, Drs. Brian Hackett, Peggy Brunache, and Sharyn Jones gave a presentation over the findings and significance of the Parker Academy. They provided insight to the legacy of the Parker family and their students by sharing stories from journals kept by the students and through discussion of a variety of artifacts.


The exhibit displays many artifacts, including pictures from the archives, buttons, marbles, doll fragments, and more. These items offer a glimpse into the daily life of students and how they created a space of resistance and freedom. We can use these explore the students’ identity as a whole. This is an opportunity for the community to learn more about the students and different materials found at the schoolhouse and dormitory. There is so much to be said about how accepting, inviting, and all around free this academy was—we are excited to share this legacy.

We welcome feedback, comments, and questions. The exhibit will be open for the public at the New Richmond branch of the Clermont County Library for one month.

Visit for more information about location and hours. Also, check out our updates on Instagram:



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